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The Airlog Way

We always respond within 15 minutes of your call

In Airlog we employ happy individuals – colleagues that will help us drive our happiness at work culture – we know that happy people mean happy customers, which is the very fuel of our continued growth and future prosperity.

In Airlog you are not just a number – We value your business, and we are dedicated to providing high quality solutions tailored for your specific needs. Fast responding is in our DNA, as we truly believe in personalized service, using our vast craftsmanship and experience, in delivering nothing but outstanding service to you.

Airlog is rooted in the Nordics and here we dominate. But we do not stand alone, our extensive network of professional and strategic partners throughout the world shares our views on dedication and efficiency. With their professional support, we are able to serve our customers in every corner of planet Earth.

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Express & courier

Where can you find us?

We have offices across the entire Nordics to help you

Airlog Group is rooted in the Nordic countries, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We understand each country’s local business culture and speaks the local language. We master the Nordic infrastructure knowing the ins and outs of port, airports warehouses and distribution systems.

Our offices are all situated around key seaports and airports and you find them here:

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