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Carving out the Spirit
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Carving out the spirit of Airlog

It's the journey that counts

Airlog provides logistics and forwarding services. We will not tell much about that here. Of much greater interest is how we do it – because although our business has been carried out for years, still many things can be done in different ways. The major differences being how we interpret our business.

Airlog is a value-driven organization. Our primary focus is thus not on the processes as such, but instead on the core values, which are the main drivers for the way our services are carried out.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

In order for us to fulfill the ambition of being customer oriented and always provide the best possible benefit for our customers, it is given that we understand the needs and requirements of our customers. This is why we have carried out a yearly comprehensive customer survey for several years.

This survey is one of our most important insights, as it provides us with an excellent point of departure in regards to how we meet our customers’ expectations and whether there are specific areas, where we need to improve.

We take pride in the parts of our business, where the customer satisfaction is high. Being appreciated and rewarded for the work we do is what makes our work meaningful, raises morale and ensures job satisfaction.

However, we pay much more attention to the areas in which our customers think we need to improve. This is where we will evolve. We improve our work when we challenge our employees and prompt them to put in even more effort. We are proactive in finding new solutions and approaches to adapt to our customers’ wishes and ideas. This raises our customer satisfaction!

Bigger isn't always better

Many of Airlog's competitors are global players with thousands of employees and offices all over the world. Airlog is an independent company with a Nordic base. It is our belief that size isn't everything.

At Airlog, we have chosen to use our size as an advantage by having short decision paths, closeness to our customers and clear contacts. Furthermore, transparent communication and a rapid response time are highly prioritized at Airlog.

Our customers always have the same personal contact person from beginning to end. He/she doesn't have to think about who to get in contact with for a quotation, booking, delivery confirmation, customs issues etc. At Airlog, you have the same contact person, who handles every step of the process.

A compass for life

”Practice what you preach” is an old saying that most people would support and we all know that we keep on “learning for as long as we live”. Airlog is seeking to combine these two wisdoms into a guiding philosophy for our business.

Below is a list of the core values, which together constitute how we do business. They are based on feedback from our customers, employees and shareholders. We have all agreed on 19 values, that we all embrace. These values make up the totem pole – which is a physical symbol to remind us what our company stands for.

The complete totem pole

As described further up, Airlog’s totem pole consists of 19 core values. As a twentieth image on the totem pole is the one of the human face. This symbolizes that the foundation on which Airlog is built are people.